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The Evergreen Page

Image by Arnaud Mesureur

Some texts sent by our clients are of such universal relevance that we've asked for permission to translate them into more languages – sometimes far more – than originally requested. We call these texts "evergreen" because they are always available for translation and because they don't go out of date.

The clients may or may not use the extra translations immediately, as even free translations require money and energy in terms of production. But they're always grateful for the option.


Meanwhile, as translators we can use these texts to hone our skills. Even if your language has already been translated, you can still have a crack at it for your own benefit. Think of it as practice with a purpose!

If you do complete any of the translations, feel free to send them in to ProZ Pro Bono and we'll add them to your totals and offer them to the clients. C
heck out the evergreen projects below!

Why evergreen?

These texts are relevant to so many contexts all round the world, and could be of benefit to people way beyond the initial languages into which we translate them. 

The deadline/Collaboration

There is no deadline for Evergreen texts, and no limit to how many translators can collaborate on them. If you want to do it alone, feel free. Or invite others to join in.

The beneficiaries

Having such universally relevant texts available in multiple languages breaks barriers and fosters inclusive communication for all. 


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