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Re-alliance Rooftop Gardens

Re-alliance Rooftop Gardens

Re-alliance is a global network working to advance regenerative approaches to disaster, displacement and development. Its 250+ members are predominantly community led organisations based in Global South countries who are responding to the humanitarian and development challenges in their communities with holistic responses which add health to the natural environment as well as social, cultural and economic systems.

The text

This 19-page text is designed to help people create rooftop gardens in some of the most built-up  urban areas of the world, with obvious benefits for the environment and their well-being.

Why evergreen?

It could be applied to so many contexts all round the world, and could be of benefit to people way beyond the initial  languages into which we translated it.

The beneficiaries

Literally everyone with an outside roof. It's an engaging and well-designed text.

The details

The text is in PDF and can be viewed here.


Once you're done, send us a message via the form below, and then an email with the text attached so we can add it to your ProZ Pro Bono totals on the Dashboard.

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