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Becoming a World Citizen with ProZ Pro Bono - Part 4

Becoming a World Citizen with ProZ Pro Bono - Part 4

ProZ Pro Bono helps non-profits worldwide overcome the language barrier, free of charge while fostering a global community of positive, engaged volunteer professional translators and interpreters. 

The Text

This text is part 4 of a four-part series looking at the importance of seeing ourselves as world citizens, and ways of getting there. Written by program coordinator Andrew Morris, it originally featured on the blog.

Why evergreen?

The text sets out to deal with issues that affect all of us, wherever we live, and irrespective of race, sex, age, sexuality etc etc.

The beneficiaries

This is aimed at all translators, but in fact beyond that, at all people concerned about the planet and their fellow humans

The details

The text is 483 words in Word and can be accessed here.


Once you're done, send us a message via the form below, and then an email with the text attached so we can add it to your ProZ Pro Bono totals on the Dashboard.

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