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Helping you get your message out 

How does it all work?

If you've ever dealt with a translation agency, you'll know that you send them a text and they give you a quote. If you accept, they begin the translation and manage it from start to finish. Then they invoice you and you pay them. Simple.

Well, ProZ Pro Bono is simpler still. It's exactly the same – but without the money bit. You send us the text/presentation/film, we manage the entire process from start to finish, including both translation and review. We then send you your text back. And that's it!



If you're working with communities, stakeholders or users from different language backgrounds, we can translate your website, training materials, project documentation, consent forms. or any other materials into a wide variety of languages, including Asian and African languages from Telugu to Swahili and from Burmese to Yoruba. 



Whether you need interpreters for pre-scheduled events or meetings, or on-demand services that require faster response times, for example in hospitals or social services offices, contact us and we'll be delighted to help. 

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Other services

Non-profits have also turned to us for language advice, subtitling training materials, proofreading and revision of existing translations in a variety of languages. We're always delighted to help where we can. 

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