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Monetary imperialism in Africa

Monetary imperialism in Africa

Progressive International launched in May 2020 with a mission to unite, organize and mobilize the world’s progressive forces. Since then, it has grown to include over a hundred organizations representing millions of people on all inhabited continents.

They unite, organise, and mobilise progressive forces behind a shared vision of a world transformed.

The Text

In the early hours of 26 July 2023, members of Niger’s presidential guard and armed forces detained then-president Mohamed Bazoum in his home, later installing a military government led by General Abdourahamane Tchiani. One stated reason for the coup:

dissatisfaction with France’s enduring military, political, and economic influence over its former colonial territory.

This was neither the first, nor the last, former French colony to experience such a coup in recent years, bringing renewed attention to longstanding questions of neocolonialism, dependency,

and the struggle for sovereignty in Francophone Africa.

To discuss these issues, the Progressive International’s Michael Galant interviewed Dr. Ndongo Samba Sylla, a rapidly rising star in the field of African political economy, and a prominent critic of “monetary imperialism” in West and Central Africa.

Why evergreen?

Some of these issues may seem specific to a particular time and place, but in fact continue to blight entire regions of the world. 

The beneficiaries

Anyone who seeks to increase their awareness of international geopolitics and the mechanisms that operate on a broad scale. 

The details

The text is 2171 words in Word and can be accessed here, as long as you make a copy and leave the original.


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