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Program Coordinator

I'm Andrew Morris and I'm thrilled to be coordinating the Pro Bono project. It's my job to spread the word, mobilize volunteers and match your needs with the multiple skills and talents of our enthusiastic and experienced translators and interpreters. I'll be your point of contact throughout the process and look forward to working with you!

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My first career was in education, and as a young teacher I spent four years as a volunteer in China and in Eritrea. Even before that, as a student, I volunteered in various groups combatting racism and helping elderly citizens. I'm therefore fully signed up to the ethos of volunteering, and the idea of contributing to creating a stronger community – in this case on a global scale. Equally, I'm inspired by the spirit shown by our hundreds of volunteers. They all have busy lives and need to earn a living, but they're nevertheless motivated by the idea of helping worthy causes. It's a privilege to work with them, as we harness our language skills to help you make a difference and create a better world. 


Reach out today if you've got something to say.

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