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Alliance of World Scientists

The Alliance of World Scientists (AWS) provides the collective international voice of thousands of scientists regarding the global climate crisis and environmental trends with the intent to turn accumulated knowledge into action.


Choosing Earth

The Choosing Earth Project recognizes the world confronts much more than a climate crisis. Their goal is to foster understanding of the magnitude, speed and depth of challenges — and unprecedented opportunities.


Earth Hero

Earth Hero provides scientifically grounded tools and ideas to empower all who want to reduce emissions, improve lives, and care for our shared planet.



Earthworks protects communities and the environment from the adverse impacts of mineral and energy development while promoting sustainable solutions. Earthworks fights for clean air, water and land, healthy communities, and corporate accountability.


Fundación Contamos Contigo

Contamos Contigo Foundation work with coastal communities: fishermen and tourist servers, involving them in the conservation of sea turtles and their nesting beaches.


German Climate Change and Health Alliance

German Climate Change and Health Alliance's mission is to educate about the significant health effects of the climate crisis and to empower health professionals to become actors in the necessary transformation towards a climate-neutral society in which we can live healthily.


Ma Petite Planète

Ma Petite Planète (MPP) is a team challenge offering ecological challenges to be experienced between friends, family, colleagues (or classmates for the school version!) for 3 weeks.



Onewater shares knowledge with those who are typically excluded from accessing it and aim to reestablish the connection between the public, organisations, and leaders, highlighting the fundamental importance and beauty of water.

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