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Andrew Morris

Program Director

Andrew Morris is a professional with a remarkable career path. After studying French and German at Oxford, he embarked on a career in education, teaching English as a foreign language and providing teacher training. As an education consultant in the field of international development, he developed a passion for the themes ProZ Pro Bono tackles: climate, poverty, refugees, education, human rights, gender issues, inclusivity, protection, etc.

During his seven years with the Bangladesh Ministry of Education, Andrew also doubled as a columnist in the leading national English-language magazine, and as a saxophonist for the country's no. 1 singer-songwriter.

In 2009, his career path led him into the world of translation, first as a freelancer and then establishing his own agency. A few years in, he started to share his expertise on social media and wrote three books on the subject of freelancing.

In 2019, Andrew joined ProZ as Head of Messaging and, when ProZ Pro Bono launched in September 2022, he became the Program Coordinator – a perfect chance to harness his expertise in connecting language professionals and his commitment to helping create a better world.

Andrew Morris
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