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Uniting the world through words

Updated: Jan 16

Welcome to the ProZ Pro Bono blog – launched in January 2024 – a space where we'll explore the pivotal role of translation in connecting communities and furthering the missions of nonprofits globally. In these posts I'll offer a personal perspective on professional matters, touching on themes that resonate with both translators and clients, and sharing some of the ups and downs along our way.

My office in Spain

Here are some of the engaging topics we'll cover – in no particular order – over the weeks and months ahead:

Reflections: Reflecting on current events, I’ll discuss their relevance to our work and the broader implications for global communication and cooperation in general, and within our program in particular.

Charity impact: The impact of our work is best seen through the stories of change. I'll bring you narratives of how our translations have made a difference in communities around the globe.

Non-profit client interviews: Every week, we'll feature a YouTube conversation with one of our nonprofit partners. We'll delve into their mission, the challenges they face, and the transformative role ProZ Pro Bono plays in amplifying their work through translation.

Humanitarian translation insights: We'll explore a fascinating world, with its own context, causes, aims, clients, ethics and guidelines. What makes humanitarian translation (and indeed environmental or animal-rights translation) different from other sectors?

Translator spotlight: I'll share stories from our talented translators, giving them the recognition they deserve. Their journeys, challenges, and successes are the heartbeat of our project.

Cultural exchange corner: Culture is the soul of language, and in this section, we'll exchange cultural insights, becoming ever more aware of the diversity of our global family.

And finally in Behind the scenes: I'll offer up an insider's view of the operations at ProZ Pro Bono, where every task is a step towards bridging language barriers and fostering understanding.

So pack your suitcase and join us on this trip around the world with the program. All aboard!

Not my office, but a nice picture all the same...

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