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The Story of a Business Owner who Realized How Important Translators Are

One day, there was a business owner looking for a translator to edit his educational products to learn Spanish.

This person had doubts about hiring a translator for this job, he thought that he could do it by himself. After thinking twice, he decided to give an opportunity to a language professional.

He met María, who is a successful translator that translates from English into Spanish. Then, the business owner asked María what the benefit of hiring her for his business was, while he was convinced that there was no reason.

The Story of a Business Owner who Realized How Important Translators Are

But María answered his question with a lot of confidence and said: —The first benefit is accuracy.—

The business owner replied: —What do you mean?—

She said: —Most of the time, I see well-designed educational products almost done. But, they have some words in Spanish like “vagón” indicating in a picture that it is a car or vehicle.—

Again, the business owner replied, —What is the problem?—

She said: —Honestly, vagón is related to trains, like a train's car. So, the meaning is incorrect and confusing. So, I would prefer to translate it like “carro”, “coche”, or “automóvil”.—

The business owner was impressed, and he remembered that he wrote that word without thinking about it.

Finally, the translator said, —Fortunately, I am here to help you with these minor errors and translate your educational products.—

The next day, the business owner decided to show the translator his products and he said:— I think that my Spanish decks and stickers need some corrections.— Indeed, María had to search for some terms and correct many typos.

After a while, she also thought about creating an inner sheet explaining some Spanish grammar for beginners because these products have many complicated Spanish verb tenses.

The business owner saw how wonderful the products were after the translator’s ideas, and he thought silently: — María has imagination and creativity for everything, probably I will need her for other projects.—

This was the beginning of a fantastic work relationship between María and the business owner that lasted 5 years.

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I just translated this short story in Spanish and recorded the story´s audio in Spanish for learning this wonderful language. So, if you are interested, you just have to press in the following link:


This is a nice story with a great take-home message, Oscar!

It would be nice to read one in Spanish written by you as well! :)


Bravo, Maria!

Replying to

Thank you Nick! I hope you like the storytelling.


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