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10 reasons to write a guest blog!

We spoke to our Bengali translator and ProZ Pro Bono Blog Ninja Subrina Afrin (pictured) about why volunteers should think about writing guest pieces for this blog! She came up with ten excellent reasons...

1 Share your own unique perspective:

Blogging provides a platform for professionals to express their individual viewpoints and insights. By sharing unique perspectives, professionals can distinguish themselves from others in their field, contributing fresh ideas and fostering a diverse discourse within their industry.

2. Enhance your creativity:   Regularly crafting blog posts requires a creative mindset. It encourages professionals to think innovatively, explore new angles, and develop creative solutions. Through the process of ideation and expression, individuals can nurture and enhance their creative abilities, fostering a dynamic approach to problem-solving within their professional endeavors.

3. Polish your writing skills:   Writing consistently for a blog hones one's communication skills. Professionals can refine their writing style, improve clarity, and develop a compelling narrative. This not only aids in effective blogging but also translates into clearer and more impactful communication in other professional contexts.

4. Attract a loyal following:   Engaging and insightful blog content attracts a dedicated audience. By consistently providing value, professionals can cultivate a loyal following, gaining trust and credibility within their industry. A loyal audience not only validates expertise but can also translate into professional opportunities and collaborations.

5. Build a personal brand:   Blogging serves as a powerful tool for personal branding. Through a well-crafted online presence, professionals can establish a distinct identity, showcasing their expertise, values, and personality. A strong personal brand enhances professional visibility and can open doors to career advancements and collaborations.

6. Spread your knowledge:   Blogs offer a platform to share expertise and knowledge with a global audience, especially as part of ProZ Pro Bono! Professionals can contribute to the collective learning of their industry, positioning themselves as thought leaders. This sharing of knowledge not only benefits others but also establishes the blogger as a valuable resource in their field.

7. Make an impression:   Well-crafted and insightful blog posts leave a lasting impression on readers. Professionals can use their blogs as a portfolio, showcasing their expertise and thought leadership. Making a positive impression through compelling content contributes to a favorable perception among peers, potential clients, and employers.

8. Demonstrate your commitment and passion for your field:   Consistent and passionate blogging demonstrates a commitment to professional growth and development. It showcases dedication to staying current in the industry, exploring new ideas, and contributing meaningfully. This commitment is not only evident in the content but also in the time and effort invested in maintaining a blog.

9. Build a network with other professionals:   Blogging facilitates connections with like-minded professionals. By engaging with the broader community through comments, social media, and collaborations, individuals can build a valuable network. This network provides opportunities for knowledge exchange, partnerships, and collaborations that can enhance professional opportunities.

10. Inspire professional growth:    Blogging is a journey of continuous learning and self-reflection. Through the process of researching and creating content, professionals can inspire their own growth. The challenges and experiences shared in a blog contribute to ongoing development, encouraging individuals to evolve in their careers and embrace new opportunities.

So now you have no more excuse! You know exactly why to blog. But what about?

In our next post from Subrina, we'll look at ten possible topics to spark your imagination. Stay tuned!

And if you have an idea in the meantime, feel free to send it to Subrina at

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What an amazing idea! This is fantastic! I encourage all volunteers to participate! Even if you don't feel capable of writing a full blog..... a blurb, maybe? Lots of things can come from that!! Thank you, Ninja Subrina!


So wonderful to read Subrina👍🏻❤️


Thank you Subrina. Excited to read the next one.


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