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Green Finance Observatory

The text

A text designed to raise awareness among indigenous peoples whose land is being grabbed by big business, leaving them dispossessed. It explains the processes, increasing people's ability to understand and challenge. 

The details

The text is 3622 words, in Word and can be accessed here, as long as you make a copy and leave the original.

Why evergreen?

This is a universal theme which applies to indigenous communities and the poor throughout the world

The deadline/Collaboration

There is no deadline for Evergreen texts, and no limit to how many translators can collaborate on them. If you want to do it alone, feel free. Or invite others to join in.

The beneficiaries

Indigenous peoples in poorer countries will benefit and become more aware of and able to defend their rights and their land.

What next?

Once you're done, send us a message via the form below, and then an email with the text attached so we can add it to your ProZ Pro Bono totals on the Dashboard.


Thanks for submitting!

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